How to play GTA 5 on Android smartphones by mirroring

GTA 5, aka Grand Theft Auto, has left its mark. The game is one of the top selling entertainment products and is the second installment of the GTA HD era. Although GTA 5 was released around seven years ago, it still shares with the community through its world and online mode. It was also the […]Read More

GTA Online: What do signal jammers do?

GTA Online was recently criticised as players identified a lack of meaningful content from Rockstar Games and an apparent imbalance in gameplay as two of the significant issues with the game. Although some of the criticisms lobbed at GTA Online are true, not many criticize Rockstar for what they’ve been able to achieve. GTA Online […]Read More

Double Reward Deluge In GTA Online All Week

Grand Theft Auto Online players will see increased rewards for a large selection of activities as we launch the year. Beside the variety available in bonuses, several special items can be unlocked. Rockstar has gone more off the rails with myriad weapons in GTA Online in recent years, including special vehicles which… were also weaponized. […]Read More

GTA Online Glitch Gives Trolls Invisible Hoverbikes

GTA Online players are exploiting a glitch that makes the MK II Oppressors invisible, rendering an already overpowered vehicle near impossible. GTA Online players have found a glitch that turns the MK II Oppressor hoverbike invisible, making the vehicle popular with trolls an even more devastating presence in the game. A more powerful hoverbike will […]Read More

Fortnite: Where to Find and Destroy Gatherers

The latest challenges in Fortnite‘s fourth season bring players face-to-face with Gatherers, robots scattered throughout the map. Beside Fortnite’s fourth season players are up against several robot enemies. Fans have seen Galactus’ larger dragons as part of the ongoing Marvel crossover, and have to face the latter in two of Fortnite’s weekly challenges. Fortnite requires […]Read More

Rockstar Should Finish GTA 6 Before They Release A Movie

Rumor has it there’s a movie in the works in Grand Theft Auto 5, but the franchise would benefit if GTA 6 was released before any film. Segways remain to conclude Rockstar Games is moving forward with Grand Theft Auto 6 despite the official absence of specific details, including if the game is underway or […]Read More

Rockstar Wipes Accounts & Permanently Bans Cheaters

Grand Theft Auto Online users who exploited a long-standing glitch are now being banned or having their accounts reset by Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto Online has been changed dramatically as Rockstar is banning cheaters and resetting accounts. Players were able to get a large sum of money without work. Caching in GTA Online is not […]Read More

Fortnite maker asks judge again to return game to Apple’s

The creator of “Fortnite” is taking a new shot with getting a judge to bring the popular game back to Apple Inc.’s devices, this time sharing that roughly a third of players access it through the tech giant’s App Store. Epic Games Inc. late Friday filed a preliminary injunction against Apple. Google GOOG, -3.09% GOOGL, […]Read More

Steven Ogg: The actor behind Trevor Phillips in GTA V

Steven Trevor Phillips, the most iconic character from GTA V, who has been subject of many videos, articles, and has fans’ imagination. His unabated love for violence, destruction, mayhem and complete honesty in regards to his nature is one of the most interesting aspects of GTA V. To bring Trevor Phillips to life must be […]Read More

GTA Online cheaters rage after Rockstar wipes characters

All progression, money, unlockings are gone. Los Santos might seem a little cleaner lately, thanks in large part to a recent disciplinary wave that hit GTA Online in late August. Rockstar targets cheaters who exploit glitch on who can achieve huge riches with little effort. The exploit, known to the community as the “apartment garage […]Read More