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How to play GTA 5 on Android smartphones by mirroring

GTA 5, aka Grand Theft Auto, has left its mark. The game is one of the top selling entertainment products and is the second installment of the GTA HD era. Although GTA 5 was released around seven years ago, it still shares with the community through its world and online mode. It was also the […]Read More

GTA Online Glitch Gives Trolls Invisible Hoverbikes

GTA Online players are exploiting a glitch that makes the MK II Oppressors invisible, rendering an already overpowered vehicle near impossible. GTA Online players have found a glitch that turns the MK II Oppressor hoverbike invisible, making the vehicle popular with trolls an even more devastating presence in the game. A more powerful hoverbike will […]Read More

GTA Online: All Solomon Movie Prop Locations

Players hunting for Solomon Richards’ 10 missing movie props in Grand Theft Auto Online can find the help in this guide. Grand Theft Auto Online’s Summer Special update is now available. A new content is to assist Solomon Richards who needs to find 10 props, and may give some fans trouble. With a little instruction […]Read More

Yachts Finally Have a Purpose in GTA Online Update

Fans consider GTA Online’s yachts a Dock Tease. Of course, the cruise ships look and perform but at around $6 million apiece, they remain primarily vanity items for the elite. Be sure to update accordingly: The Update on 11th August adds brand new co-op missions to the release. The Los Santos Summer Special is the […]Read More