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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ Is My Second Favorite PS4 Exclusive

Ghost of Tsushima: In the week before Ghost of Tsushima came out, I had no high expectations. It looked nice, it looked like the open world games we’ve played since, eh, Assassin’s Creed 2. Early reviews seemed to confirm it, middling out with a respectable, if unremarkable, 83 on Metacritic. I booted it hoping for […]Read More

Fortnite: Why the Pump shotgun needs to come back

Fortnite Season 3 has made some changes in the game’s Shotgun meta. The community beloved ‘Pump Shotguns’ in the game were replaced by the ‘Charge Shotguns’. While most players were unhappy about this decision, several professional players adapted quickly to the new Shotgun and analyzed its actual potential in gunfights. Pump Shotguns are one of […]Read More

Fortnite Week 8 challenges: How to complete all of the

If you need help with Fortnite Week 8, then we’re going to steer you in the right direction. With these Fortnite Week 8 challenges we can begin to see a pattern emerge for the season with plenty of familiar tasks in store. Epic has included new vehicles as part of the Fortnite challenges. If you […]Read More

How to tune into the Fortnite radio station

Play along while driving around. With Fortnite having drivable cars, you have to listen while traveling and running over humanoid bananas. Epic has added radio stations to cars, meaning you can sound a familiar Fortnite tune. That’s not all. Epic has made it clear that the radio station will be a place for more musical […]Read More

Fortnite cars: Where are the cars in Fortnite and how

All the details on the Fortnite car locations and where to find Fortnite gas stations. After much speculation (plus a short delay), they finally came out Thursday, August 5. When people start asking about Fortnite cars the game will see a focus on how to drive them. This makes finding and using Fortnite gas stations […]Read More