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GTA Online: All Solomon Movie Prop Locations

Players hunting for Solomon Richards’ 10 missing movie props in Grand Theft Auto Online can find the help in this guide. Grand Theft Auto Online’s Summer Special update is now available. A new content is to assist Solomon Richards who needs to find 10 props, and may give some fans trouble. With a little instruction […]Read More

Is Fortnite Dying or Shutting Down?

Besides what is some might argue, Fortnite battle royale is probably the most popular video game on the planet. Fans and players have been feeling quite concerned at the game. Epic has what it takes to be the world’s most exciting franchise. We saw several players quit Fortnite for several reasons. Most content creators and […]Read More

Yachts Finally Have a Purpose in GTA Online Update

Fans consider GTA Online’s yachts a Dock Tease. Of course, the cruise ships look and perform but at around $6 million apiece, they remain primarily vanity items for the elite. Be sure to update accordingly: The Update on 11th August adds brand new co-op missions to the release. The Los Santos Summer Special is the […]Read More

Minecraft: Java Edition gets Pre-Release 2 and 3 for ‘the

The Nether Update was a massive update for Minecraft, and in order to make the release as polished as possible, Mojang Studios needs to be on top of the work in order to ensure the release. A smaller update under the Nether Update branch, bringing bug fixes, enhancements, and maybe a new feature. Minecraft has […]Read More

‘GTA 6’ Leak Claims Rockstar Has Contacted Artists For New

A new report claims Rockstar Games has been reaching out to artists in order to feature their work on the Grand Theft Auto VI soundtrack. Sesa studio is asking Synthwave artists for one of the game’s Vice City-inspired radio stations. Peter Bryan Rice, musician behind “Vector Hold”, specializes in sound design and productions for 80’s/90’s […]Read More

GTA 6 soundtrack leak teases the retro revival of Vice

Ah, what a shame. Rockstar Games has yet to mention Grand Theft Auto VI in their crime adventure series. Fans received what appears to be an unexpected update on Rockstar’s future plans for the franchise on Wednesday that may indicate a retro setting for GTA 6. Could we be expecting to see a full-on Vice […]Read More

Ninja returns to Twitch for first time since Mixer shut

He has previously streamed on YouTube on two different platforms. Ninja is back on Twitch at the moment. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins started streaming for Fortnite on his Twitch account on Wednesday morning. It’s the first time that Blevins has streamed on Twitch since leaving. Ninja is free to stream where he wants after Mixer shutting […]Read More