GTA Online Glitch Gives Trolls Invisible Hoverbikes

GTA Online players are exploiting a glitch that makes the MK II Oppressors invisible, rendering an already overpowered vehicle near impossible.

GTA Online players have found a glitch that turns the MK II Oppressor hoverbike invisible, making the vehicle popular with trolls an even more devastating presence in the game. A more powerful hoverbike will be enough to ruin my time in Los Santos.

Although there is a large variety of vehicles available in GTA Online, the MK II Oppressor is by far the most dangerous. The Oppressor’s high maneuverability and incredible weapons loadout make it one of the biggest images in the game. Beside what it looks like Harry Potter on the broom stick with rockets, it may be the most over-powered items in GTA Online.

Players have made it much harder to beat on the MK II Oppressor because it does not require any adjustment. A newly discovered visual glitch in GTA Online can be exploited to make the bike invisible. Players need to load Rockstar Creator and then force an error message in the game when they launch into the game. If they do this, they are sent back to the game and in their bikes. If a player boosts back in the game, the glitch kicks off, and players remain invisible along with their bikes. If you pick up some ghosts and see one up, it would be much more difficult to take one down.

It’s not God mode. Even players who weren’t in it can still take damage. GTA Online players are not afraid to exploit glitches. Players discovered a glitch that spawned an aircraft carrier in a free mode session, which quickly led to some fun, and a month later, a glitch that made players invincible to NPCs, which has no effect on other players in the session.

GTA Online has had a problem with cheaters and players trying to abuse the system since its conception, but this fixed glitch is the queen of the cakes. A virtual MK II Oppressor and a little humor in the lobby are the perfect combos for a wicked ruler on their hoverbike. Be sure to get some fix for this glitch before the game dissolves in one big blindfolded battle.

Alex Schwarz

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