Rockstar Should Finish GTA 6 Before They Release A Movie

Rumor has it there’s a movie in the works in Grand Theft Auto 5, but the franchise would benefit if GTA 6 was released before any film.

Segways remain to conclude Rockstar Games is moving forward with Grand Theft Auto 6 despite the official absence of specific details, including if the game is underway or not. It has been seven years since 2013’s release of GTA 5. To be more specific, we expect the graphics to be better next-gen.

Fans have been expecting some details about GTA6, namely nothing that could confirm the game is happening, but it looks like there is something else GTA-related in the works. Multiple publications reported on some reports that a movie based on GTA 5 is in early stages of development. If this is correct, it would be possible the movie will include in some way the main characters from the video game.

A movie with GTA-themed content could be a hit in those cases, but it is not what the fan base had imagined. There has been speculation about when and when the sixth installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise will release. Sesa was expecting Rockstar to reveal the next-gen consoles. Players need to wait some more years and at least some months, in those cases, since nobody confirms the situation. A movie released before the game would seem like a little slap in the face to those who’ve been waiting long enough for a new video game. If the company releases a GTA movie after GTA 6 launches or anything, the newer game could help make the franchise more appealing. If you release it before the game, players who want to add more could be frustrated.

A movie based on GTA 5 could be taken in a lot of directions. Becoming a witness protector would act as a prequel in Michael’s life as a criminal. It could also explore events after the end of the video game and give context for what the three protagonists got up to after the fact. Selbstverständlich, it could simply repeat the events of GTA 5, in live-action form.

It’s not clear who would step into the roles of Trevor and Franklin. There is a good chance that the original voice actors could appear in some capacity. Ned Luke, the voice behind Michael de Santa, recently said he wanted to reprise the role in a new DLC. His willingness to step back into Michael’s shoes could be a sign he would be interested in working on a movie. He told The Gamer: “I would love to do DLC.” He added that he had a lot of flexibility in the original role. Luke explained what was to come. If we did not work, Rod Edge would be my little savior.

Cfa fans will have to wait on further news about either GTA or the movie as it’s called.

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