Fortnite: Where to Find and Destroy Gatherers

The latest challenges in Fortnite‘s fourth season bring players face-to-face with Gatherers, robots scattered throughout the map.

Beside Fortnite’s fourth season players are up against several robot enemies. Fans have seen Galactus’ larger dragons as part of the ongoing Marvel crossover, and have to face the latter in two of Fortnite’s weekly challenges.

Fortnite requires players to destroy twenty Gatherers and deal 10,000 damage with those remaining. To complete these missions, players have to locate a Gorger in different locations, including FN Radio, Holly Hedges, Lazy Lake Island, Retail Row, Salty Springs and Slurpy Swamps. To see what the Gorger is coming at the entrance, players must hover in the sky with their parachutist until they see a red light. If they fly to it, they locate the Gorger required for these 2 challenges.

If the Gorger creates twenty Gatherers, one can complete the third week’s first weekly challenge by defeating them. To earn 10k damage for the second challenge one can collect and use the Gatherers body in combat against the Gorger or against fellow players.

Players must protect themselves to not accidentally kill the Gorger too early, with the Gatherers assembling a few seconds after death. Players will receive 150000 experience points for dealing 10,000 points of damage in the Gatherer remains. Killing the Gatherers will give winners 255,000 experience points.

Although the missions are relatively simple, there are certain restrictions. Once the player has destroyed their Gatherer remains they cannot switch weapons and build. And even though the Gorger doesn’t attack the player directly, it can grow harder as it spawns waves of Gatherers. Players must join Stark Industries and hack robots.

Fortnite players may enjoy the challenging nature of these missions. Epic Games is successfully encouraging exploration of the world of the game, and using its Marvel setting to the fullest, by leaving challenges like the Collector Case mission on the map. Be sure to keep some fans entertained and on the up-coming Fortnite crossover.

Alex Schwarz

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