Steven Ogg: The actor behind Trevor Phillips in GTA V

Steven Trevor Phillips, the most iconic character from GTA V, who has been subject of many videos, articles, and has fans’ imagination. His unabated love for violence, destruction, mayhem and complete honesty in regards to his nature is one of the most interesting aspects of GTA V.

To bring Trevor Phillips to life must be a huge task. Steven Ogg successfully delivered one of the most iconic characters in GTA history.

Steven Ogg has enjoyed an extensive acting career with GTA V being his favorite work in video games. Ogg has appeared in several television shows and movies including Westworld, The Walking Dead, and Snowpiercer.

Steven, like the rest of his cast on GTA V, lent his sameness to the character he played in the game. Steven Ogg is Canadian like his character, but unfortunately, the similarities end.

Trevor Phillips was one of the most controversial characters in gaming history and has spurred much controversy over the years. Steven Ogg’s unhinged, but impressive performance adds to character’s charm and ferocity.

Sesa is known for playing eccentric, high-energy characters, similar to his turn as the violent Rebus in Westworld and Simon in The Walking Dead. Bezul is one of the most beloved actors after GTA V.

The Canadian actor has scored critical acclaim for his performance in the game, and has made him a popular figure in the gaming community.

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